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Bodegas Peñafalcón have committed themselves to wine tourism, by being one of the pioneer wine cellars in the foundation of the Ribera del Duero, Bodegas Peñafalcón (Wine) Route. They dedicate approximately 1,200 square metres of their installations exclusively to wine tourism. The wine enthusiast, visitor to Peñafalcon can experience many of the trades and professions from the time of our great-grandparents. From ancient Roman ploughs to the tools that are used on the land today. Explanations of their use are provided on the guided tour of the installations, and visitors can also see; implements and tools for ploughs pulled by animals (bovines and mules); the first motorised irrigation machinery with starter cords and levers; machinery and tools closely related to the production of wine and bread. Hence the Spanish refrain translated to mean ‘it’s important to have at least the minimum to start off with’. Without forgetting the different measurements for weighing wheat, and remembering the times of exchange and barter. The next phase deals with the vine plantations and the wine making process at Peñafalcon; cooperage, wine-presses, storage vats etc. Another experience to be enjoyed
on the tour of the installations, is to let one’s imagination travel through time, while admiring
the old machinery their ancestors used, as far back as 1926. We remember and proudly mention the autochthonous, subterranean vineyards and their characteristics” (with perforated doors and lighting ducts), distinguishable from Peñafalcon. Furthermore, we can see equipment used in barrel-making and wicker-baskets for transporting the grapes, which were carried in mule-drawn carts, the system of transportation of the time. The visit becomes a journey through the evolution and history of wine; learning about the old winepress
beam and the machinery that eventually replaced it; the wooden spindles and the stone weights. Once the visitors
have taken the tour and rested their imagination, they finish with a guided wine-tasting session; three quality Peñafalcon wines with their respective aperitifs.

Para más información, reservas y precios llámanos o contacta con nosotros por e-mail.
Tlf móvil: +34 625 184 871
Correo: casi@bodegaspenafalcon.com

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