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Peñafalcón Siglo XI Roble-Crianza
15 y 26 months in oak
100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo).
Grapes selected from vineyards
located on hillsides with rocky, chalky soils, grapes
harvested by hand in 20 Kg containers, with grapes
entering the winery at a temperature of 5º C (41º F).
Long maceration and fermentation with own yeast
from the vineyard, stirring continuously, slowly pressed,
and controlledmalolactic fermentation. These wines rest
between 15-26 months in oak barrels with an exhaustive
selection of finegrade, moderately toasted, American and
French oak barrels.
Tasting Notes:
Red cherry color, cherry reflections and
nuances of moderately toasted oak with rich aroma,
resulting in a smooth and silky flavor on the tongue.
Grand and velvety body structure, unimpeded by tannins.
Serving Temperature:
16 - 18º C.
Alcohol Content:
15º by Vol.

Peñafalcón Siglo XI
Gran Reserva
60 months in oak
Variety: 100% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo).
Delicatessen wine. Grapes selected from parcels of our own vineyards, extracted from parcel del Borro, parcel de Carrovejas, and
parcel Hundido, selected from atop hillsides and harvested by hand in
20 Kg containers. Delicately produced by continuously stirring, fermented with native yeast. Gently pressed. Once the process is
complete, the wine will rest in fine grade
American and French oak barrels for five years, thus obtaining one of the most appreciated and lauded wines in our foreign market, with 70% of production being exported.
Tasting Notes:
A frank wine, complex and elegant on the nose, high olfactory intensity, toasted oak aroma, spices, and vanilla. A very
expressive and structure wine.
Serving Temperature:
18º C.
Alcohol Content:
15º by Vol.

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