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Bodegas Peñafalcon is family owned vineyard with a long tradition, currently managed by Casimiro Marcos and his wife Maria Jose Arranz. The origins of the vineyard go back to the time of the ancestors of the present owners, who made wine in old wine presses dating back to the XVII century. Wine culture and a love for creating these elegant wines has been handed down through generations until to Casimiro de Peñafalcon himself. Every year he made small quantities of wines using traditional methods, to be enjoyed amongst family and friends. In the year 2000, Casimiro fulfilled one of his dreams, when he began producing and commercialising his own wines under the Designation of Origin ‘Ribera del Duero’ in the town of Peñafiel. He called his vineyard ‘Peñafalcon’, after the XI century name of the town, recorded in the ‘Rhyming verse of the poem Mio Cid’;
Rodrigo won the battle, Praise be to God, On to Peñafalcon, So is Peñafiel called.

bodegas peñafalcón
bodegas peñafalcón

Bodegas Peñafalcon’s philosophy is based on a meticulous care of the vineyards, using traditional methods, without pesticides but splicing by hand, using sulphur, intertwining vine shoots and performing green pruning, and fertilizers of yesteryear such as sheep manure. The vineyard’s plantations are well placed on calcareous, stony slopes, some of which are exposed to the sun, resulting in an extraordinary ripening of the fruit. The vineyard is divided into the following plantations; Pagos de Santa Cruz, Pagos del Borro, Pagos de Carraovejas, Pagos del Hundido, Pagos del Chorrillo and a future plantation Pagos El Tamboril. The harvest is handpicked and meticulously selected before being transported to the winery. After careful destemming the fruit is placed under German technology (quality 3.16) in storage vats with a programmable crusher that performs the same job as the traditional foot trampling of bygone times. In this way the fruit mass is well mixed in the higher part of the tank before various days of maceration in vats to provoke the controlled fermentation.

The meticulous care of the vine and the whole production process results in very natural wines with an ecological conscience. Wines of quality with a peculiar personality and expertise that have adapted to changing times. This effort has resulted in wines with unique aromas and flavours endorsed by more 35 silver, gold and super-gold awards, at
both national and international level. The specialities of Bodegas Peñafalcón are Peñafalcon Crianza, aged two years in barrel; Peñafalcon Reserve, aged three years in barrel; Peñafalcon Vendimia Seleccionada, two to three years in barrel. A novelty in the ‘delicatessen wine’ market are Peñafalcon Siglo XI (Eleventh Century) in memory of their history; Peñafalcon Siglo XI, aged 26 months in barrel; Peñafalcón Siglo XI Vendimia Seleccionada, aged between one and four years in barrel and Peñafalcón Siglo XI Gran Reserva, aged 5 years in barrel.

This range of wines comes from selected grapes of
plantations on high calcareous, stony slopes and a special production process. Which includes ‘plunging the cap’ manually, use of natural wine yeasts and resting in quality barrels during the years indicated. These are the wines most in demand for the overseas markets, with exportation reaching 70% of production, principally of Europe and Asia.

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